There was a bit of a storm yesterday! It was actually quite welcome, because the temperature dropped like 30˚ to a balmy 70˚F. It came on extremely quickly, and outside went from being unbearably hot and relentlessly cloud-free to looking like it was closer to 10pm than 10am in about 15 minutes.



Of course, we hung out and watched the storm for a bit, which was cool. Some of the clouds were actually green, which I’ve heard is a sight that is often seen before a tornado. I took a video, actually:

Luckily, the storm mostly missed us. The clouds looks really cool. I might put some more pictures up after I sort through them.

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3 Responses to Stormy

  1. Kate Pound says:

    Great Pictures – Love the movie!

  2. Hannah M says:

    I agree, storms are such a relief in the summer. Nice cloud shot!

  3. soupy says:

    That first picture looks like Gotham City — it is awesome.

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